The Beginning of our Garden

It’s been two years since we built the raised beds and started our urban garden. It took some time to figure out where on our 1/4-acre plot to put them.

Chad wanted to make sure they got plenty of sunlight, and I wanted to make sure they were in a place that aesthetically made sense. We decided to put them on the side of the house to achieve both goals.

The ground drops off between our house and our neighbor’s fence, so we had to dig out some of the ground and build a retaining wall.


The garden beds would go on the lower level. The upper level would be a pathway from the front yard to back yard as well as a place for two rain barrels against the house.

Because we were digging the ground anyway, we installed some underground irrigation that ran from the rain barrels to the garden beds.


The beds were made from untreated cedar fencing that we purchased from our local Home Depot to keep it cost effective. We had enough room in the area to place 8 beds. This didn’t seem like much space to us at first, but we ended up with more vegetables than we could keep up with!

raised beds

Once we got everything in place, it was time to fill the beds with dirt and plant our veggies. It was a great start with a lot of lessons to be learned.

vegetable garden

What are you growing in your garden?

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